Video Production

Using short documentaries, educational videos, product videos and so much more, you can tell powerful stories that reach and engage more customers.

How we make videos

Our tried and tested process creates a film you will be proud of.


Every video project starts of in developing. Arguably the most important phase, it is here where your story takes shape.


During discovery we take the time to understand your brand and your customers, figuring out the foundations of the story we will tell.


Pre-production is where the story starts to come together as we produce scripts & storyboards. We also plan out the rest of production.


In the second phase, we start to implement the plan we've developed, creating the film and sharing it with your audience.


During production we are on set capturing the videos, images and sound to tell your story.


Post-production is where the magic happens. Here we edit together the footage, do the sound design, colour grade and add any motion graphics.

Delivery & Marketing

Once the video is ready we optimise it for various platforms, add subtitles and finally publish & manage the video content.
Video Production

Take your videos to the next level

Whether you want to bring your videos inline with your branding, increase it's reach, or foster your community, these addons give your videos an extra boost.

Social Media Highlights

Get short form versions of your videos - perfect for social media.

Video Content Management

Make sure your video get's the best start as we manage, monitor & maintain the upload.

Video Branding

Extend your branding into video with logo animations, lower thirds & more.

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