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Use our handy calculator to work out the carbon footprint of your content marketing. Then use the data to offset your campaigns.

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Even something as small as posting on twitter has a carbon footprint.

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Don't worry if not, that's why we have this calculator.

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We have some resources to get you started with carbon positive marketing.


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Your path to carbon positive marketing

Each month you emit 0.0000005 tonnes of CO2e with your content marketing.

Minimum offset
0.01 (t)
Recommended offset
0.05 (t)

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Frequently asked questions

When we talk about climate change, the focus is generally on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, CO2 is not the only harmful greenhouse gas.

CO2e or carbon dioxide equivalent, is a term used to describe carbon dioxide and a number of other greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change.

Each month we fund incredible climate projects and plant trees.

To offset the CO2e of both our own and our clients marketing, we've teamed up with the amazing folks at Ecologi.

After many hours of research on the web, looking at articles, research papers and more, we worked out an estimate for the average CO2e emissions of various types of content such as video minutes watched, website page views and social media post impressions.

When you enter your marketing stats into our calculator, we add it all together to give you an estimate of your CO2e emissions in tonnes.

As the calulations we make are estimates based on average emissions, we provide you with two CO2e figures, a minimum and a recommended.

The minimum is your impact and is what you should offset to be carbon neutral with your marketing.

The recommended is what we recommend you offset to:
a) Provide leeway around the estimates.
b) To make your marketing carbon positive.

The recommended offset is 5x the minimum offset.

Carbon neutral simply means that you are offsetting the same amount of carbon you are emitting.

Carbon positive means that you are offsetting more carbon than you are emitting. We would always recommend being carbon positive to minimise any negative impact on the environment.

No! Alongside offsetting the emissions of ours and our clients marketing campaigns, we also offset the production of content (travel, energy usage etc.) as well as the general emissions associated with running a business.

Do you know the environmental impact of your marketing?