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Why You Should Outsource To A Content Marketing Studio vs A Videographer

When creating videos, it's better to have a strategy behind them, which is why a content marketing studio can help you to get the most out of your marketing videos.

Why You Should Outsource To A Content Marketing Studio vs A Videographer

You know you need to capture quality video content for your brand, but do you work with a content marketing studio or a videographer? I’m going to explain why you should outsource to a content marketing studio vs a videographer, and how they can help take your brand to that next level.

Ensuring Your Videos Fit Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Creating videos without a purpose or a strategy behind them is a waste of time.

Every video you create should have a purpose, helping you reach specific business goals, but this is often overlooked.

It can be hard to know how video content should be used within your marketing strategy, which is where a content marketing studio makes all the difference. They will help you to create a strategy that gets you results, whereas a videographer will typically leave the strategy down to you.

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Knowing What Videos Would Work Best

A content marketing studio can advise you on the type of videos that would work best for your brand, overall business goals and broader marketing strategy.

If you’re wanting to increase your brand awareness, marketing channels like social media are one of the best ways to do this, so a content marketing studio would ensure they are creating video content that would work well across your different social media platforms.

After getting to know your brand, they will also be able to advise you on the styles of video that will perfectly capture your brand story.

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Knowing Where You'll Post Your Videos

It’s important to think about your marketing strategy as a whole and this includes what marketing channels your videos may be shared on.

Capturing video content is an investment, so it’s important you get your money’s worth.

A content marketing studio will ensure your videos can be used across multiple platforms, whether that’s on your website, YouTube or social media.

Understanding where you’ll be posting or sharing your videos will help you create a clear plan of action for what footage you need to capture, and how they will work once shared.

Without knowing where your videos will be posted, you risk wasting a lot of money and time on video content that just isn’t up to scratch.

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Knowing Your Target Market

Different styles of videos will be better suited to certain demographics, so it’s important to have your target market in mind when working out what footage you need to capture.

You need to understand what types of videos will resonate with your target audience and improve key metrics like engagement or clicks once shared. That might be high production or DIY style video.

Without knowing who your target audience is, how can you ensure you’re creating videos that will get you results?

A content marketing studio can help you understand who your target market is and how best to reach them through video.

Woman's hand writing the word "audience" on a whiteboard, with arrows.

Optimising Your Videos for Different Platforms

There’s a real art to optimising videos for all your different marketing platforms/channels.

Each marketing channel has preferred specifications when it comes to video.

On platforms like Instagram, portrait videos tend to work best for reels, but for your website, landscape videos might be what is needed for that visual impact.

Also, on social media, you may want subtitles burnt into the video, but on YouTube and your website, you'll want the user to decide if they can see them.

It’s important that the videos are optimised for your different marketing channels.

If your videos are optimised correctly, they will perform better on the various platforms they're released on.

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Creating the Copy to Accompany Your Videos

It’s time to get a return on investment and start using your video footage on platforms like social media, but the big question is, what do you say alongside the video?

One of the most common stumbling blocks a business faces is writing copy to accompany its content. Trying to think of something to say that is catchy or impactful can be very time-consuming.

This is where a content marketing studio can help.

They can craft bespoke copy that can be posted alongside your video content. Their experience and knowledge of copyrighting will ensure the text that is used will be attention grabbing and easy to read.

They will also ensure the copy is optimised for each social media platform. For example, the right hashtags are being used, or the copy is formatted correctly on the post itself.

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Publishing Video Campaigns

A lot of businesses tend to capture videos when a big event is coming up or they are releasing a new product or service.

That video footage will form part of a specific marketing campaign to get the word out amongst your target audience.

Crafting mini-marketing campaigns that link with your overall marketing strategy can be tough. You need to make sure it’s consistent with the rest of your marketing, gets seen by your target audience and gets you results!

A content marketing studio will help you craft your campaign from start to finish, including publishing your videos across your marketing channels.

Smartphone on tripod capturing video footage of city scape.

Getting to Know Your Brand on a Deeper Level

One of the biggest benefits of working with a content marketing studio vs. a videographer is that the studio will get to know your brand on a deeper level.

To ensure they are delivering what you need and helping you to achieve your business goals, they need to understand the ins and outs of your business and the brand.

By consistently working with them over time in all areas of your marketing, their knowledge and understanding of your brand will only improve.

This will result in them being able to deliver even better content that is high quality and very much on-brand content.

And if your campaign calls for other services such as photography, they have the skills to manage it all and keep your campaign consistent.

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