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Why You Should Outsource to a Content Marketing Studio vs a Social Media Manager

Have you ever wondered whether you should be speaking to a Social Media Manager or a Content Marketing Studio? This is why you should be outsourcing to a Content Marketing Studio.

Why You Should Outsource to a Content Marketing Studio vs a Social Media Manager

Marketing is one of the most important things your business can do, but what type of service provider can best help you grow? Here are the benefits of outsourcing to a Content Marketing Studio vs a Social Media Manager or agency, and how it could be the difference between your brand growing or stumbling.

What is a Social Media Manager?

If you don’t know by now, social media marketing is a vital part of any business's overall marketing strategy, but a mistake many brands make is putting all their efforts in social media without looking at the bigger picture.

A Social Media Manager can help you look at a ‘social media’ specific strategy and content. Many Social Media Managers will also be able to help you set up paid ads and create analytics reports of key stats and figures from your different social platforms.

Although social media is a key marketing channel that needs to be managed by an expert, the downside to a Social Media Manager is they only specialise in social media.

What about your other marketing channels?
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What is a Content Marketing Studio?

A content marketing Studio tends to look at all aspects of your marketing from your marketing strategy, brand, website, social channels, photography, and video content.

They can help you develop and manage all areas of your marketing rather than just focusing on one specific area.

The Biggest Benefit of Outsourcing to a Content Marketing Studio

You could argue that you should outsource specific areas of your marketing to individuals who specialise in different things.

For example, have a social media manager managing your social channels, a photographer capturing great shots of your teams or products or a videographer planning, filming and editing your video content.

The problem with outsourcing to multiple different people is sometimes your key messages and brand identity can get lost along the way.

As a business, you’re having to marry all different areas of your marketing together. If each aspect of your marketing has a slightly different tone, style or strategy, they just won’t complement each other, making it harder for you to reach your goals.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing to a Content Marketing Studio is they have in-house specialists that work together as a team to manage and coordinate all marketing channels.

They will ensure each area of your marketing echoes each other, helping you to create the strongest brand possible.

Key Marketing Channels

If you’re wanting to grow your brand, it’s important that your key marketing channels are carefully thought about and managed.

If just one marketing channel isn’t up to scratch, it can reflect badly on your business and could result in you losing out on potential customers.

But the question is, which areas of your marketing should you be asking a Content Marketing Studio to help you manage?
  • Social Media Marketing – If a brand isn’t active on social media, questions will be asked. Social media is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, build relationships with your customers and increase your sales.
  • Photography – Photography compliments all areas of your marketing from your website to social media. It’s important that brands have a bank of high-quality photos that they can use in all areas of your marketing.
  • Video Content – Video content is blowing up, which is why it’s more important than ever that brands invest in quality, engaging video content that helps them to tell their story and sell their brand.
  • Strategy –  Having a consistent strategy with a coherent brand story is the backbone of your marketing - don't forget to plan your route, before you head off on your journey.
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