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Types of Videos for Adventure Brands

As an adventure brand, you want to build a strong community around what you do. Here are some video ideas that will help you to get the best results.

Types of Videos for Adventure Brands

Video is the most popular form of content out there today and the best type of content you can be creating, but do you ever wonder what types of videos you should be creating as an adventure brand?

Here's a breakdown of some of the key videos we recommend to our clients.

About Films

People want to go behind the scenes of a brand and really get to know what they’re all about. They want to know…

  • Who your team are.
  • Your brand ethos.
  • Your stance on environmental issues.
  • Your mission.
  • How the brand came to be.
  • How you can solve their problems and add value to their lives
  • And so much more…

A great way to introduce your brand and answer some of these commonly asked questions is by creating an about film.

This type of video will allow you to summarise who you are, what you stand for and even the types of customers you work with, giving views a greater insight into your brand.

About films will help build trust between you and your target audience and add that human element to your brand. People want to know they will be working with/buying from a real company whose values align with their own.

These videos work best on your website!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Product/Service Films

Although people don't want to be sold to, it’s still important that as a brand, you tell your customers what services or products you provide.

One of the best ways to do this is through video.

Video is by far the most engaging type of content you can create and can help to get across your key marketing messages that much quicker and easier.

Video also helps your target audience to paint a visual picture of what they can expect when working with you. You could have the best product or service on the market, but people are often sceptical about spending their hard earn cash without seeing it first.

For example, if you’re trying to sell outdoor activewear, creating a lifestyle product film will give the viewer a clearer understanding of what the material looks like, the colours you’ve used, how it hangs on the model and so on.

They help to sell your customer the lifestyle your product/service will help them to live.

Case Studies

A customer comes to you for one reason, they have a problem and believe you can help them solve it.

Video case studies enable you to tell a story your potential customers can relate to, highlighting the problems past customers faced, the solution you provided and the results the customer saw from working with you.

Identifying your customer's pain points and clearly showing how your services or products made a difference helps your target audience better relate to your business.

Case study films are also more engaging than simple video testimonials.

Video testimonials tend to be a shot of one person speaking to a camera. In contrast, video case studies use a combination of A-Roll and B-Roll shots, as well as storytelling to create a more engaging story. This not only is more visually pleasing, but it also helps to add context to your adventure brand.

Lifestyle/Adventure Films

A lot of brands get bogged down in the technical aspects of their business rather than selling the lifestyle benefits.

For example, if you’re a climbing instructor, create lifestyle videos that show you halfway up a rock face with your students.

Are you going on a personal expedition in the lakes? Why not document it and share that story?

Bringing in this element of personality, and adventure can develop engaging relationships with your customers.

Shorts Form Videos

Short forms videos are vital for your adventure brand.

They are currently one of the most popular forms of media you can be creating and something many of the social media platforms are pushing above all else. This means your brand is more likely to be discovered by a wider audience.

On Instagram, short form videos are called Reels and on YouTube they are called shorts. Other platforms like Tik Tok are actually dedicated platforms to this style of video and that’s all you can create.

For those who don’t know, short form videos are 60 seconds less and are usually shot vertically.

These videos often include more of a ‘quick dive’ into a specific topic, product, or service and usually have a slightly more ‘DIY’ edge.

On platforms Instagram, and Tik Tok, a lot of individuals and brands create short form videos to music, purely to entertain and boost their reach.

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