Should You Create Short Form Videos for Your Adventure Brand?

Short form videos are everywhere, but should you be using them for your adventure brand? Here's the what, why and how of TikToks, Reels & Shorts.

Should You Create Short Form Videos for Your Adventure Brand?

Are short form videos really something your adventure brand needs to be creating? The short answer is yes and I’m going to explain what short form videos are and the benefits of them, as well as giving you some content ideas for your next short form video.

What are Short Form Videos?

Short form videos are just another type of video content, they are 60 seconds or less and are usually shot vertically.

Think Tik Tok, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts.

These videos often include more of a ‘quick dive’ into a specific topic, product, or service and usually have a slightly more of a ‘DIY’ edge to them.

On platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, a lot of individuals and brands create short form videos to music, purely to entertain and boost their reach.

But since they first become popular, short form videos have come a long way and are being used not just to entertain but to educate and inspire.

Filming short form video of the beach on iPhone

Why You Should be Creating Short Form Videos

Short form videos are vital for your adventure brand.

They are currently one of the most popular forms of media you can be creating and are one of the key pieces of content that the majority of social media platforms are pushing to their audiences above all other content.

Creating short form videos and sharing them on social media means your brand is more likely to be discovered by a wider audience, helping to boost your brand awareness.

Not only is it a preferred piece of content by the social media platforms themselves, but it’s also one of the most popular types of content amongst audiences too.

As we all know, our attention spans are getting worse, especially when it comes to social media. Our social media feeds are flooded with content every minute of every day so it’s your job to hook views in and keep them watching.

Short form videos do just this. They hold the attention of your audience for longer and are often the quickest and easiest way of getting across key marketing messages.

Man sat down and looking at phone screen

Social Platforms that Work Best with Short Form Videos

First there was Vine, then there was Tik Tok, and now short form videos are everywhere.

Because of the huge success and popularity of Tik Tok, other social media platforms began to wise up and realised they needed to do more to encourage users to create and upload short form videos.

The majority of social media platforms have now brought in features to make short form videos more compatible with their platforms and easier to find/watch.

Platforms are now creating dedicated areas for short form videos, such as Instagram's 'Reels' and YouTube's 'Shorts'.

You can also post these short form videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Instagram app open on smartphone

Content Ideas for Short Form Videos

It’s important to create video content for your adventure brand that helps you achieve your marketing goals whether that’s to increase brand awareness, educate your target audience or boost sales.

Here are a few content ideas that work really well as short form videos:

  • Top tips
  • Behind the scenes e.g. office walk through or manufacturing process
  • Meet the team
  • A day in the life
  • Product spotlight
  • FAQs
  • New product/service teasers
Man videoing an Instagram Reel

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