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Documenting vs Creating - The Best Content Strategy for Adventure Brands

Should you document or create content for your adventure brand? Here's our $0.02

Documenting vs Creating - The Best Content Strategy for Adventure Brands

You may have heard marketers saying phrases like 'document, don't create' when it comes to creating content for your brand but the question is, what does that mean and what's the difference between the two?

What is Documenting?

Documenting is non-fiction content intended to show an aspect of reality, most commonly for education, instruction or recording a historical record.

Ok, that’s all well and good but how does documenting relate to your adventure brand?

More and more businesses are ‘documenting’ their brand journey through video, photography and other digital content, giving their target audience an insight into all aspects of the company, including the team dynamic, production processes, day-to-day tasks and challenges the business is experiencing.

Documenting is a great way to get your target audience invested in you and your brand, as they can follow your progress and feel part of the journey.

Types of Content

There are several different types of documentary-style content you can create to engage your target audience; these include:

  • Behind the scenes photos & videos
  • Vlogs
  • Case Studies both video and written
  • Office walkthroughs
  • Meet the team
  • A day in the life
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What is Creating?

Many people consume content for one of three reasons, to be entertained, educated, or inspired, and it’s your job to create content for your adventure brand that does just that!

Creating is your chance to showcase your brand ethos and personality too. You can create content that is highly entertaining and engaging, keeping your target audience coming back for more and invested in your brand.

Types of Content

Here are a few examples of types of content your adventure brand could be ‘creating’:

  • Video tutorials
  • Tips and tricks
  • Tell a story
  • A product/service commercial
  • PR Stunts
The picture was part of our VSCO story in our Le Buzz online magazine. Taken by our editor and photographer Dario in the German coworking space Hafven.

What is the Difference Between Documenting and Creating?

There’s a fine line between documenting and creating, and many crossovers make both styles of content similar to one another.

As an example...

Let's say you sell camping gear, if you create tutorials on how to use your equipment, that would be classed as created content.

However, if you create a vlog of a backpacking adventure in the Scottish highlands that incorporates your camping gear, that would be documenting.

In that vlog you could talk about how to use the products, but as you're telling a wider 'lifestyle' story around the content, it can come across in a more natural way.

Amazing camping spot on a mountain with views to a lake in Puerto Rico.

Why You Should Use Both in Your Content Marketing Strategy

It’s essential to incorporate a mixture of content in your marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and keep that audience engaged.

Including both content styles within your marketing strategy will give your audience a greater understanding of your adventure brand overall and can help turn customers into raving fans.

Different people also enjoy different styles of content whether that’s professional style photography or DIY style snaps from your everyday journey or adventures.

You must cater for different people’s preferences and showcase your brand from different angles and viewpoints to better tell your story.

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