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A New Adventure

Helping outdoor, adventure & climate positive brands enhance human connections with content marketing.

A New Adventure

Izak on a client shoot in the Yorkshire Dales.

Four years ago, almost to the day, I founded my video production company Volta Media House as I was coming towards the end of my degree.

Initially, my goal was to work with outdoor, adventure & climate positive brands, but this quickly got side-tracked to where it is today - a video marketing company that helps B2B businesses to get more leads that turn into customers.

This has been a pretty significant departure from what I initially intended, but I wouldn't change anything. I love the company I'm building even more now that it has given me the ability to launch a second business, LATITUDE53.

LATITUDE53 will be running alongside Volta Media House but will focus on my initial aspirations, helping outdoor, adventure & climate positive brands reach more customers.

However, one of the things that's different this time around is that the focus is on content marketing in general.

I believe that passionate businesses deserve success, and great marketing is pivotal in making this a reality.

Through our social media management, photography & video production services, we can help our clients consistently produce on-brand content with a cohesive strategy that keeps their marketing on the right path.

With the right content marketing strategy that shares stories that inspire, educate or entertain your audience, you can have a growing business that impacts their lives.

While it is very early days for LATITUDE53, I'm super excited about what the future holds, and I cannot wait to help more brands enhance human connections with content marketing.

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Izak Jackson

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