Our Story

We love helping outdoor, adventure & climate positive brands to grow their businesses and impact their customers' lives.

Our Story

Outsourcing social media management, photography and video production to separate agencies can quickly get confusing.

  • When should certain content be released?
  • Is it all speaking to the same brand message?
  • How will this video integrate into our campaign?

These are just a few of the queries we've heard over the years, which is what led us to create LATITUDE53.

LATITUDE53 brings together our marketing and content creation expertise, enabling outdoor, adventure & climate positive brands to know their content marketing is telling a consistent brand story that excites their customers with text, graphics, photos & videos.

Our team is passionate about the great outdoors, adventure sports and brands which hold the environment at the center of what they do. This enables us to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Digital marketing is also an often overlooked carbon emitter, which is why we offset all of our campaigns, creating sustainable content marketing for ourselves and our clients.

Giving back is in our DNA

We've pledged 3% of our revenue towards our social impact programme, donating to causes close to our hearts.

Do you know the environmental impact of your marketing?